The Embers

The history and complete scope of this group is soon to be realized in a documentary film ‘The Embers – The Heart and Soul of Beach Music’ as well as a book chronicling its history complete with fan testimonials and legendary tales of years gone by. The nearly two hour feature includes interviews from original, past and present members of the group telling the complete story of this legendary band from its inception through today. This package is being written, filmed and produced by Skip Crayton and Bill Benners in collaboration with McBryde Publishing and Digital Wunderland.
Though Ember members have changed throughout the years, one common denominator has remained the same. Bobby Tomlinson is the groups founder, band leader and drummer and still performs every show today. He is the last remaining original member. THE EMBERS of today consist of: Bobby Tomlinson (Founder/Band Leader/Drummer), Craig Woolard (Lead Vocalist/Sax/Flute), Jeff Grimes (Guitar/Sax/Vocals), Stephen Pachuta (Trumpet/Vocals), Hugh Tuff Blanton (Bass/Vocals), Bobby Nantz (Trombone/Vocals) and ANDY SWINDELL (Keyboards/Vocals).
THE EMBERS are truly one of the finest entertainment experiences of our lifetime. If you see their show once – you’ll undoubtedly see them again!